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The three clippings below, each illustrating 12 quilt designs, are from Household Journal in the 1920s after it was relocated to Batavia, Illinois, in 1917.  Does anyone know the exact publication dates?  Four addtional clippings are known, two of which are about 1/3 larger than these, and possibly several more that remain undiscovered.

First, a little history about this magazine.  It was founded in Springfield, Ohio, in 1907 (the first issue appears to be January 1908) by William A. Martin, a former employee of John S. Crowell, publisher of Farm and Fireside and Woman's Home Companion.  Martin, doing business as Central Publishing Company, published the small pamphlet, Aunt Jane's Prize Winning Quilt Designs, in 1914 that illustrates 57 engravings that first appeared in Crowell's Farm and Fireside in the 1880s.

Household Journal moved to Mooseheart, Illinois, effective August 8, 1916, then to Batavia, Illinois, effective November 12, 1917.  It was superseded by Household Management Journal about 1930-31.

To promote circulation, Household Journal sponsored a quilt block contest in the 1920s during which time Lillian Page was identified as the editor of the Quilt Block Department.  The three clippings here and four more illustrate winning contest blocks from seven of the known contests.

The two larger clippings (not illustrated here), each illustrating 15 designs, state "Address all blocks to:  Quilt Block Dept., Household Journal, Batavia, Ill."  One of these appears to be from a December issue, presumably in 1924, and says:  "Another group of winners will be published in the January Household Journal."  It's not known how many contests there were or if they were held monthly or just occasionally.

Although I've blindly bought numerous issues over the years that were published in Batavia after 1917, I have yet to find an issue that includes any of the contest winners such as the ones shown here.  Can anyone help date these or any similar illustrations?

It's not known how long the magazine continued these monthly contests.  Cuesta Benberry brought these to my attention many years ago and she, too, had been unable to date the clippings.  My sincere appreciation to Susan Price Miller for sending scans of two additional clippings she found in Carlie Sexton's scrapbook.

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