Jane Alan

Byline with a weekly, self-contained quilt pattern feature from National Newspaper Service, 326 West Madison, Chicago, Illinois, owned by John F. Dille, and sometimes identified as the John F. Dille Company.  (See separate Gadabout Patterns page.)

The feature began in or about 1932 and illustrates a complete quilt block pattern and offered larger patterns, advice on quiltmaking, and a pamphlet through mail-order for a nominal fee.  Dated clippings suggest it continued into early 1935, but may have continued a little longer.

Several illustrations are signed with what appears as a needle and thread, but the identity of the artist is unknown.

Titles with this feature include "Grandmothers' Quilt Block," "Grandmother's Old Quilt Block," "Jane Alan's Quilt Pattern," and "Historic Quilt Block(s) by Jane Alan."

Although a typical Jane Alan clipping, this one from the Tulsa (OK) Daily World, January 11, 1932, failed to identify Jane Alan.

To date, 33 pieced quilt patterns have been located, five appliques, and one series with four designs.

The pieced patterns:  Basket, Blazing Star, Broken Dish, Broken Heart, Broken Squares, Broken Wheel, Carpenter's Wheel, Double Irish Chain, Double Wedding Ring, Fly Foot, Flying Birds, Four Points, another Four Points, Hearts and Gizzards, Indiana Puzzle, King David's Crown, Mill Blade, Noonday, Oak Leaf, Octagons and Squares, Polka Dot, Pond Lily, Prairie Flower, Puss in the Corner, another Puss in the Corner, Rosette, Snowball, Steps to the Altar, Sunburst, Tulip Tree, Wisconsin Star, Work Basket, and Yankee Pride.

The appliques:  Rose and Feather, Budding Rose, Oak Leaf, Wild Rose Cluster, and Love Apple.

The pieced and appliqued Checked Basket series has a Wild Rose, Tulip, Daisy, and Buttercup, each nestled in a basket.

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