Mary Ann patterns from Monarch Pattern Service, Toronto, Canada

My knowledge about this pattern source came from Cuesta Benberry, St. Louis, Missouri, in the 1980s, and the scant documentation I have in my files was shared from Cuesta. (I may learn more when I find our correspondence.) Until then, the only additional information I have to share is a list of 18 patterns and the brochure pictured below.
Cactus Flower, The Chief, Dutchman's Puzzle, Fruit Basket, Garden Sunflowers, Lifebuoy, Mary's Lamb, Modern Flower Pot, Mother Goose, Pine Tree, Red Cherry Quilt, Sailboat, Scroll Design, Singing Robin, Stars and Crescents, Three Red Poppies, Wee Sandy, and Water Lilies.
Cuesta also shared four pattern sheets that are from Book 3 of the Grandmother's books -- Windmill (B-3-1), Fish Block (B-3-3), Missouri Daisy (B-3-5), and Sunflower (B-3-7). These patterns in turn are the same as Nancy Cabot / Chicago Tribune patterns and thus the presumed association with Peerless Fashion Service.
Mary Ann patterns from Monarch are in the collection of the Quilt Index: Modern Flower Pot, Singing Robin, The Chief, The Star Fish. Also multiple miscellaneous, Mountain  Mist, and Blue Birds.

Searches at revealed Monarch specialized in knitting yarn and patterns along with rug making in the 1930s but quilts were not mentioned.

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