Needlecraft Supply Company, Chicago, Illinois

This Chicago company marketed "everything for those who sew" during the 1930s.  Company ads range from June 1932 to October 1940.  In June 1932, the company was located at 4713 Sheridan Road, then 361 West Superior Street by 1935 when they released their 1935 Catalog of Patchwork Quilts and Art Needlework, and finally 800 North Clark Street by January 1938.  Ruth Ward's name was added to the company's advertising by October 1938.

Key ads that reveal the company's moves include Royal Neighbor (June 1932), Mother's-Home Life (May 1937 and January 1938), Farm Journal (December 1937), Chicago Tribune (January 24, 1938), Home Arts, Needlecraft (October 1938--October 1940), among others.

While located at 4713 Sheridan Road, the company published Patchwork Quilts; How to Make Them; 100 Designs, a 28-page booklet illustrating 103 pieced and six appliquéd quilt designs, a Lone Star quilt kit in plain colors or prints, and offered six appliquéd and embroidered quilt blocks from the Rainbow Quilt Block Company in Cleveland, Ohio.  Full sized patterns or finished blocks were offered for 108 of the quilt designs (the other one was as a kit).  The ©1938 edition of this booklet with the Clark Street address has 36 pages including the cover and offers numerous kits and quilting designs from McKim Studios.

Trademark Registration No. 350,757 for "small pieces of cloth fabric for making patchwork quilts" was granted to Needlecraft Supply, Chicago, Illinois, October 5, 1937.

An unrelated company with the same name was in St. Louis, Missouri, 3835-37 Finney Avenue, in the 1930s which was another business owned and operated by the H. M. Brockstedt family and essentially the same as Ladies' Art Company.

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A small portion of the eight page Art Needlework catalog from the Needlework Supply Company in St. Louis that includes an ad for the "new and enlarged" LAC catalog "containing over 500 designs for pieced and appliqued blocks" which suggests a ca. 1922-28 date for this catalog.  The name and address seen here appears on six of the eight pages.

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