Pearl Strachan in Christian Science Monitor, 1935 

Pearl Strachan is the byline with a series of twelve articles in the Christian Science Monitor, October through December 1935.

Identified through a free search at ProQuest (, they are:

1. Modern Quilting--Old as Egypt, October 4, 1935, page 10

2. A Work of Patience and Beauty, October 11, 1935, page 8

3. That Packet of Bright Scraps, October 18, 1935, page 10

4. Using Various Quilt Patterns, October 25, 1935, page 10

5. Circles and Hexagons--In Quilt Patches, November 1, 1935, page 10

6. Stars and Stripes of Quilting, November 8, 1935, page 8

7. Quilting Not a Lost Art, November 15, 1935, page 8

8. Designing Your Own Patterns, November 22, 1935, page 14

9. Choosing the Quilt Pattern to Fit the Room, November 29, 1935, page 10

10. An Old-Time Quilting Bee in Modern Boston, December 6, 1935, page 18

11. Quilting the Bedspread, December 13, 1935, page 16

12. Modern Quilted Things Popular, December 20, 1935, page 12

Although the search results are free, there is a substantial fee for accessing any article through ProQuest.

One website identifies Pearl Strachan as a Staff Correspondent for the Christian Science Monitor (Boston, MA) in 1945, and another as the former poetry editor.  Yet another website refers to Pearl Strachan Hurd of Rockport, Massachusetts, who was associated with the Monitor.

The 1930 Lynn, Essex County, Massachusetts, census, records Pearl E. Hurd, age 49, with no occupation, wife of Willard S. Hurd.

It appears that she was a professional writer and covered a wide variety of subjects during her career.  OCLC's WorldCat ( lists several books of poetry, with and without her married name, ranging from 1932 to 1973, with one more in 1995.

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