Remembering New York City, October 15, 1999

My first New York City experience was a Senior trip just before high school graduation.

Nearly 30 years later, I returned for the first Great American Quilt Festival sponsored by the Museum of American Folk Art, but still didn't get out to the Statue of Liberty even though 1986 was a year-long celebration in her honor.

My third visit in 1999 was an intense 9-day working trip, but an unexpected day on my own found me heading south on the subway after photographing the Reader Mail building and the Old Chelsea Station post office, then a ferry ride out to this magnificent symbol of America.  I was totally unprepared for the emotional experience that it turned out to be even though all of my own ancestors had been here for many generations before she was created.  It was a glorious autumn day with a deep blue sky of an intensity that I had never before noticed.  Two years later, this incredible skyline, and our lives, would change forever.




Originally built by Revlon as its headquarters, this unique oval building with its pink marble exterior is known as the "Lipstick Building."  Housing a variety of offices today, this is where we worked when not out on Long Island.  Pictures taken from my hotel room across the street.  (Incidentally, my work dealt with the history of quilt patterns and was not related to Madoff in any way whose offices were also in this building.) 

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