Carol Aimes byline from Peerless Fashion Service, 1938-1941

Carol Aimes was a short-lived byline from Peerless Fashion Service, New York City, found in Illinois, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Oklahoma, Iowa, three Canadian newspapers (Edmonton, Alberta, and Windsor, Ontario and Ottawa, Ontario) and others. Carol Aimes followed the Mayfair byline (1936-1938) also from Peerless.
Mailing address was 119 West 19th Street, New York, N. Y., a known Peerless Fashion Service address 1937-1940.
The earliest date presently known for this byline offering quilt patterns is August 2, 1938, and the latest date is November 19, 1941, during which time Peerless was still promoting a few of the individual quilt patterns from the Grandmother's booklets (former Nancy Cabot / Chicago Tribune patterns).
A distinguishing detail with many Peerless quilt designs is a border with a mitered corner as in X344.
No. 316 Ships at Sea (left) and X344 Applique Kitten
No. 391 Sunbonnet Girl and No. 430 Water Lily
No. 447 Birds and Blossoms and No. 451 Sunburst
No. 476 Crazy Quilt and No. 497 Four Leaf Clover
No. 499 Sunbonnet Baby and No. 506 Louisiana Patchwork Quilt
No. 507 Applique Kitten and No. 604 Garden Path
No. 605 Geese Going and No. 609 Hostess Apron
No. 612 Noah's Ark Nursery Quilt and No. 618 Poppies in the Breeze
No. 636 Lady of the White House and No. 637 Grandma's Fan
No. 648 Hens and Chickens and No. 649 Duck and Duckling
No. 663 New England Quilt and No. 664 Teddy Bear Applique
No. 676 Triple Lily and No. 677 Ann and Andy
No. 691 Iris Applique and No. 692 Key West
No. 712 Puss-in-the-Corner and No. 713 Wedding Ring
No. 721 Patience Corners and No. 722 Scottie Quilt (compare Carol Curtis No. 589)
No. 734 Patchwork Quilt and No. 735 Lotus Blossom
No. 4019 Conventional Floral Pattern and No. 4020 Star and Rays
No. 4026 Kiddie Applique Quilt and No. 4027 Patchwork Quilt

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